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Shop Feature - Miniature Patisserie

How do you get yourself in your best creative mood to produce fabulous work?!
I learnt that I have to be in a peaceful state of mind in order to create beautiful pieces. Some of my favourite ways to create the best possible creative ambience is having a clean workspace, lighting a favourite scented candle, and have music turned on constantly! Occasionally I like buying a flower or two and put it at my work table. Looking at it puts me in the right mood :)

Your items are so delicate and petite, do you have moments of frustration during the creation process or are you very patient by nature??!!!
I think there are moments of failed experiments more than frustration. I know too well that I can't produce beautiful work when I'm frustrated. I think I possessed the ability to stay focused on a task for a long period of time since I was a kid and this trait just followed through into adulthood. I can sit and work on things for a long time (though I multi-task alot, while I wait for things to dry).

What do you love most about having an Etsy shop?
I love that I'm able to share my handmade creations with a wide audience and I always feel so blessed when I get support and compliment about my work and style.

What is the most interesting destination that you have sent a package to?
I would say Saudi Arabia.

What activities do you like to indulge in in your spare time?
I love listening to music, it's an important past time of mine. I love to constantly look for beautiful things, pictures and be inspired by the endless possibilities to transform some of these ideas into miniature world. I like cross stitching although right now, I don't have a lot of time for that. I love reading as well as travelling. From time to time, I like to treat myself to a nice dessert or patisserie too :)

Have you always followed the creative career path?
Interestingly no! Although I have always dabbled in creative hobbies since I was young, but my career path had always been in a totally different field. However, I tend to get very excited and happy whenever there are tasks or projects in my work that unleashes the creative side of me (working on brochures, design interface, coming up with colour schemes).

The best advice you have received that has helped you realize your creative dreams?

Do not be afraid of failures. And if it is something that is really important to you, you will definitely make time for it. 

Your favorite technique or material to work with? 

I love working with air dry clay and wood. I also love painting and doing wood work. 

Do you have a fantastic craft tip that you would like to share?! 
I don't really have a fantastic craft tip but most people might like to know that I don't have any sophisticated tools. I also don't use magnifying glass while I work. I make sure I work in brightly lit environment, so that I can see everything clearly. 

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