Sunday, September 19, 2010

STUDIO3TEN - Featured Etsy Seller

I am delighted to share with you the gorgeous artwork of Suzanne at Studio3ten. I met Suzanne when I went searching for a gift for my sister and she had the perfect guitar print that was a fantastic fit for her! (see above!). Since then we have become great friends, although we live at opposite ends of the world! Here Suzanne shares a little about what inspires her to create her fabulous artwork. Enjoy!

1. What inspired you to open an Etsy shop?

I had heard about etsy several years ago - but took me several months to actually check it out - after I did I was blown away - I felt a little intimidated as well - but knew it was something I had to do....I opened my shop officially in Jan 2010, I started with a few pieces, creating whenever possible (there is just NOT enough time in the day). I really can't get over how friendly everyone is on this site - everyone is so helpful - and I only wish I would started on here sooner - but I am excited to see what the future brings :-)

2. How do you get yourself in your best creative mood to produce fabulous work?!

Late at night is my 'creative time' I had to explain to my husband that there would be times I could not be at his side, that it would it would be 'ok' for him to watch tv without me (hee hee......) so yeah around 10:00 pm - to midnight or later is my 'create' time - and of course I get sucked into blogs on etsy and checking out other shops........then there are some nights where I am just dead tired or just don't feel like 'creating' I still try to hop on and heart my favorite shops or enhance my listings a bit....(everything helps!) Usually its the strangest times that ideas or thoughts will pop in my head - while driving or running an image will pop into my head or a saying - I carry around a small notebook and constantly writing down ideas/sayings - or drawing thumbnails. I have extremely vivid dreams as well (my family always teased me when I would have to 'retell' my dream - as they were always like novels and went on...and on...and on......ha ha) so sometimes upon waking, I jot some things down - strong imagery/feelings/etc.

3. What inspires your work?

I am really inspired by everything around me - music is food for me, really it is. I grew up in an artistic and musical family. My dad plays banjo, guitar, piano and was either playing something or had his favorite music mother is a painter and super creative. Music continues to inspire me - and I get very specific images and 'feelings' that come to mind when hearing a song - or listening to lyrics. (Chevelle, Queen, Nirvana and of course Mozart and Bach - are my top 5 !) My parents encouraged me my whole life - are still such an inspiration - and support everything I do. My husband and our beautiful son - and of course, our little dog Tucker - are huge inspirations as well - I love spending time with family - and just soaking in each day. I also heart fashion ALOT (I think maybe in another life I was a fashion designer living a studio apartment in NYC!) I see fashion as a huge form of self expression - my mood can dictate an entire outfit - a unique hair clip or or scarf can make us a stand out a little bit more - separate us from the crowd. I also LOVE shoes - and earrings (just can't get enough!)

4. What do you love most about having an Etsy shop?

I would say just having a spot where my work is all in one collective place. I don't have my own website, blog and I am not on facebook. (I know strange!) So etsy for me is 'IT' it is my one outlet to the whole universe, and I treasure each second of it - I LOVE getting convos, when I see that little red number at top I get so excited - of course getting a sale is super great too - :) and LOVE the people on etsy, I just can't get over how friendly everyone is, have met some AMAZING etsians!(like lovely rebecca!) - I really love it all - etsy is SUPER !!!

5. Whenever you get a spare moment, what activities do you like to indulge in?

Running, swimming, cooking, eating pizza (yes its a hobby!) hiking, dancing (ok I think in that same life as a fashion designer - I also taught a hip hop dancing class at night!) love watching live music and attending festivals, Playing Chess, curling up on the sofa and watching movies - (love love movies......anything and everything) reading, trying new wines/beers and spending time with my lovely family. If I am with my family, I am having fun. and I ALWAYS bring a sketch book and my notebook for scribbles/and ideas.

6. Random stuff, likes, dislikes, loves, favorite places, people, etc?!

I don't eat meat - I am vegetarian and my husband is vegan - so we love making new meals that we can both enjoy. Our son however loves a good steak - ha ha, so he thinks we are pretty much strange......we love going on road trips - seeing the ocean when possible - we live in the Midwest so that is a bit of a drive - but SOOO worth it!

If I could make a round table of favorite people (dead/or alive) - it would be:

Mozart, Albert Einstein, Leonardo DeVinci and Picasso (a little rivalry would be interesting!) Johnny Depp (ok come on......we need him there!), Freddy Mercury (from the band Queen), Kurt Cobain (from Nirvana), Daren Brown (a mentalist from the UK) and my family of course.

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