Sunday, July 10, 2016

Transform your photos

Have you ever tried to get creative with your photos?

Technology these days makes it very easy to take photos.  I myself have literally thousands of images on my phone alone, not to mention on my dSLR.  So what are we all doing with our photos? Do they just sit in cyberspace collecting creative dust or do you actually do something with them?!

For the photos that I don't plan to print, I like to use them as a base to expand on my creativity and try things I wouldn't normally.

For this photo, I have used the Pixlr app to apply a few different filters to create this interesting look and after a few select clicks, have easily created an out of this world effect. I first applied a negative filter which reversed the colours within the photo, and then I applied some colour filters until I achieved the result I wanted.

It really is very easy to try some new techniques to create some visually appealing looks.  Pixlr and Snapseed are two apps that I really can't do without and I would recommend both to anyone with an interest in photography.

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